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Population Genetics/Genomics

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75Assessing genetic diversity within populations of smooth cordgrass to ensure effective restoration effortsPopulation Genetics/GenomicsGaynor, Michelle; Walters, Linda; Hoffman, Eric A..
109Genetic structure, natural selection, and hybridization in populations of the rare arctic relict Euphrasia hudsoniana (Orobanchaceae) and its invasive congener Euphrasia strictaPopulation Genetics/GenomicsZlonis, Katharine; Etterson, Julie; Gross, Briana.arctic disjunct
Climate change
population genetics
103Influence of landscape and climate on spatial population genetic structure of keystone species Azorella selago (Apiaceae) on sub-Antarctic islandsPopulation Genetics/GenomicsChau, John; van Vuuren, Bettine.population genetics
landscape genetics
Marion Island
Macquarie Island
159Phylogeography of the Neotropical epiphytic orchid, Brassavola nodosa: evidence for a secondary contact zonePopulation Genetics/GenomicsTrapnell, Dorset; Ishibashi, Caitlin; Kartzinel, Tyler; Hamrick, James; Quigley, Charlotte.
160Population Genetics, Speciation and Hybridization in Annual Dicerandra (Lamiaceae), a Southeastern North American EndemicPopulation Genetics/GenomicsNaranjo, Andre; Payton, Adam; SOLTIS, PAMELA S.; Soltis, Douglas; Gitzendanner, Matt; Judd, Walter.endemicity
gene flow
sand scrub
genetic structure
Niche Modeling

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