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(30 abstracts)
Abilene Christian University (2 abstracts)
Academia Nacional de Ciencias Forestales (1 abstract)
Academia Nacional de Ciencias Forestales AC (1 abstract)
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (1 abstract)
Adelphi Univeristy (1 abstract)
Adler Planetarium (1 abstract)
Afe Babalola University (1 abstract)
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (1 abstract)
Alexandria University (1 abstract)
American Museum of Natural History (3 abstracts)
Amherst College (4 abstracts)
Angelina College (1 abstract)
Applied Biomathematics (1 abstract)
Archaeology Southwest (1 abstract)
Archbold Biological Station (1 abstract)
Arizona State University (9 abstracts)
Arkansas National Heritage Commission (1 abstract)
Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission (1 abstract)
Arkansas State University (5 abstracts)
Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University (2 abstracts)
Austin College (1 abstract)
Austin Peay State University (1 abstract)
Australian National University (1 abstract)
Baldwin Lab And UC/JEPS Herbaria (1 abstract)
Bayer (1 abstract)
Berry College (1 abstract)
Betsy Barry Art and Design (1 abstract)
Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany (1 abstract)
Botanic Institute of Barcelona (1 abstract)
Botanical and Ecological Consultant (1 abstract)
Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum (1 abstract)
Botanical Research Institute of Texas (15 abstracts)
Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum (1 abstract)
Boyce Thompson Institute (2 abstracts)
Brigham Young University (8 abstracts)
British Museum of Natural History (1 abstract)
Brown University (5 abstracts)
Bucknell University (8 abstracts)
Bureau of Land Management (2 abstracts)
Burpee Museum of Natural History (1 abstract)
BYU (1 abstract)
California Academy of Sciences (1 abstract)
California Department of Fish and Wildlife (1 abstract)
California Native Plant Society (1 abstract)
California Natural Diversity Database (1 abstract)
California State Polytechnic University Pomona (2 abstracts)
California State University Dominguez Hills (2 abstracts)
California State University, Dominguez Hills (1 abstract)
California State University, Long Beach (2 abstracts)
CB 3280 (3 abstracts)
Center for Plant Conservation (1 abstract)
Center for Plant Conservation, San Diego Zoo Global (1 abstract)
Central Michigan University (5 abstracts)
Central Michigan University, Institute for Great Lakes Research (1 abstract)
Central Mindanao University (2 abstracts)
Centro INAH Coahuila (1 abstract)
Charles University (1 abstract)
Chicago Botanic Garden (5 abstracts)
Christopher Newport University (1 abstract)
CIRAD (1 abstract)
Clemson University (1 abstract)
CNRS (2 abstracts)
CNRS/ENSFEA/IRD/Université Toulouse III (1 abstract)
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (1 abstract)
Colegio de la Frontera Sur (1 abstract)
Colegio de Postgraduados (1 abstract)
colorado college (1 abstract)
Colorado State University (1 abstract)
Columbia University (1 abstract)
Columbus State University (1 abstract)
Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas (1 abstract)
CONACyT IPICyT (1 abstract)
CONICET-Universidad Nacional del Comahue (1 abstract)
Connecticut College (1 abstract)
Cornell University (14 abstracts)
Data Science Mission Office at Space Telescope (1 abstract)
Delta State University (3 abstracts)
Denver Botanic Gardens (1 abstract)
Denver Museum of Nature and Science (1 abstract)
Department of Biology (1 abstract)
Department of Botany, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Khyber Pakhtu (1 abstract)
Department of Conservation (1 abstract)
Department of Life Science, National Taiwan University (1 abstract)
Desert Botanical Garden (6 abstracts)
Desert Solitaire Botany and Ecological Restoration (2 abstracts)
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center (1 abstract)
Dr. Cecilia Koo Botanic Conservation Center (1 abstract)
Drexel University (2 abstracts)
Duke University (11 abstracts)
Eastern Michigan University (3 abstracts)
Ekiti State University (1 abstract)
Envirosurvey, Inc. (1 abstract)
Estación Regional del Noroeste, UNAM (1 abstract)
Facultad de Biologia (1 abstract)
Federal University of Bahia (1 abstract)
Federal University of Petroleum Resourses, Effurun Warri, Delta State (1 abstract)
Field Museum (2 abstracts)
Field Museum of Natural History (1 abstract)
Flagler College (1 abstract)
Florida International University (6 abstracts)
Florida Museum of Natural History (2 abstracts)
Florida State University (8 abstracts)
Fort Hays State University (6 abstracts)
Fort Worth Zoo (1 abstract)
Framingham State University (1 abstract)
fRI Reaearch (1 abstract)
George Mason University (4 abstracts)
Georgia College (2 abstracts)
Georgia Southern University (6 abstracts)
Governor's Salmon Recovery Office ( abstract)
Grupo Jaragua (1 abstract)
Guangxi University (1 abstract)
Hansraj College (1 abstract)
Harris-Stowe State University (1 abstract)
Harris-Stowe University (1 abstract)
Harvard Botanical Museum (1 abstract)
Harvard University (9 abstracts)
Henan University (1 abstract)
Hobart and William Smith Colleges (6 abstracts)
Hokkaido University (1 abstract)
Hollins University (1 abstract)
Howard University (4 abstracts)
Humboldt State University (9 abstracts)
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (1 abstract)
Illinois State University (3 abstracts)
Independent Researcher (1 abstract)
Indiana University (2 abstracts)
INECOL (1 abstract)
Inra (1 abstract)
Inria (1 abstract)
Institut De Recherche En Biologie Végétale (1 abstract)
Institute of Botany, Plant Science and Biodiversity Center, SAS (1 abstract)
Institute of Ecology (INECOL) (1 abstract)
Institute Of Forest Genetics (2 abstracts)
Instituto de Biología (1 abstract)
Instituto de Biología-UNAM (2 abstracts)
Instituto de Biología, UNAM (1 abstract)
Instituto de Botanica Darwinion (1 abstract)
Instituto de Botanica Darwinion - CONICET (3 abstracts)
Instituto de Ecología, A.C., Centro Regional del Bajío (1 abstract)
Instituto de Ecología A. C. (1 abstract)
Instituto De Ecologia, A.C. (1 abstract)
Instituto de Ecología, AC, (1 abstract)
Instituto de Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (1 abstract)
Instituto Multidisciplinario de Biologia Vegetal (IMBIV, CONICET-UNC) (2 abstracts)
Instituto Pirenaico de Ecologia (1 abstract)
Instituto Politécnico Nacional (4 abstracts)
Instituto Potosino de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica (1 abstract)
Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (1 abstract)
Integrative Biology (1 abstract)
International Potato Center (1 abstract)
Iowa State University (9 abstracts)
Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) (1 abstract)
IRD (1 abstract)
IRRI (1 abstract)
J.M. Patel College (1 abstract)
Jilin University, Changchun, China (2 abstracts)
John Carroll University (1 abstract)
John Innes Centre (1 abstract) (1 abstract)
Kanas State University (1 abstract)
Kansas State University (7 abstracts)
Kansas University (1 abstract)
Kapur & Associates Inc (1 abstract)
Kettering University (5 abstracts)
Kew Madagascar Conservation Centre (1 abstract)
Kornarov Botanical Institute (1 abstract)
Kyushu University (1 abstract)
Lab Of Syst. & Evol. Botany And Biodiversity (1 abstract)
Lanzhou University (1 abstract)
Lassen Volcanic (1 abstract)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (1 abstract)
LI-COR Biosciences (1 abstract)
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (3 abstracts)
Marine Biological Laboratory (1 abstract)
Marine Ecology and Telemetry Research (1 abstract)
Marist College (1 abstract)
Maryville University (5 abstracts)
Maryville University of St. Louis (1 abstract)
Mascoma, LLC (1 abstract)
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (1 abstract)
McMaster University (1 abstract)
McMurry University (1 abstract)
Mcneil highschool (1 abstract)
MEF-CONICET (1 abstract)
Memorial University of Newfoundland (3 abstracts)
Miami University (1 abstract)
Michigan Natural Features Inventory (1 abstract)
Michigan State University (5 abstracts)
Middle Tennessee State University (3 abstracts)
Midwestern State University (1 abstract)
Millikin University (1 abstract)
Minot State University (2 abstracts)
Mississippi State University (2 abstracts)
Missouri Botanical Garden (5 abstracts)
Missouri Botanical Gardens (1 abstract)
MoBot / UMSL (1 abstract)
Montana State University and Museum of the Rockies (1 abstract)
Museo de Múzquiz (1 abstract)
Nanjing Institute Of Geology And Palaeontology (1 abstract)
National Autonomous University of Mexico (1 abstract)
National Museum of Natural History (1 abstract)
National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution (3 abstracts)
National Park Service (4 abstracts)
National Parks Board (1 abstract)
National Parks Trust of the Virgin Islands (1 abstract)
National Plant Data Team (1 abstract)
National Science Foundation (1 abstract)
National Tropical Botanical Garden - Kalaheo, HI (1 abstract)
National University of Córdoba (1 abstract)
NatureServe (4 abstracts)
New Mexico EMNRD-Forestry Division (1 abstract)
New Mexico State University (2 abstracts)
New York Botanical Garden (5 abstracts)
New York Botanical Gardens (1 abstract)
New York University (2 abstracts)
New Zealand Department of Conservation (1 abstract)
Newberry College (1 abstract)
Niger Delta University (1 abstract)
Nomad Ecology, LLC (1 abstract)
None (1 abstract)
North Carolina Natural Heritage Program (1 abstract)
North Carolina State University (2 abstracts)
North Dakota State University (1 abstract)
Northeastern Illinois University (2 abstracts)
Northern Illinois University (2 abstracts)
Northern Research Station (1 abstract)
Northern Territory Government (1 abstract)
Northern Territory Herbarium, Alice Springs (1 abstract)
Oak Spring Garden Foundation (1 abstract)
Obafemi Awolowo University (1 abstract)
Oberlin College (2 abstracts)
Ohio State University (4 abstracts)
Ohio University (2 abstracts)
Ohio University/Oregon State University (2 abstracts)
Okayama University Of Science (1 abstract)
Oklahoma State University (10 abstracts)
Old Dominion University (1 abstract)
Ondo State University of Science and Technology (1 abstract)
Oregon Flora Project (1 abstract)
Oregon Health Sciences University (1 abstract)
Oregon State University (7 abstracts)
Panjab University (1 abstract)
Park University (3 abstracts)
Peabody Museum of Natural History (2 abstracts)
Penn State UNiv (1 abstract)
Penn State Univ. (4 abstracts)
Penn State University (2 abstracts)
Pennsylvania State University (1 abstract)
Plymouth State University (4 abstracts)
Portland State University (1 abstract)
Princeton (1 abstract)
Principia College (1 abstract)
Pringle Herbarium (1 abstract)
Programa de Pós-Graduação em Botânica (1 abstract)
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (5 abstracts)
Real Jardín Botánico CSIC (1 abstract)
Reed College (2 abstracts)
Regenerative Environmental Design (1 abstract)
RESA Power Solutions (1 abstract)
Rice University (1 abstract)
Rockefeller University (1 abstract)
Rocky Mountain Research Station (1 abstract)
Roosevelt University (1 abstract)
Rose State College (2 abstracts)
Royal Belgian Institute Of Natural Sciences (1 abstract)
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (3 abstracts)
Rutgers University (3 abstracts)
S. D. Agricultural University (1 abstract)
Sacred Hearts Academy (1 abstract)
Saint Louis University (4 abstracts)
Saint Xavier University (2 abstracts)
Sam Houston State University (4 abstracts)
San Diego State University (1 abstract)
San Francisco State University (1 abstract)
San Jose State University (1 abstract)
Seago Botanical Consulting (1 abstract)
Seattle Central College (1 abstract)
Seed Your Future (1 abstract)
Simon Fraser University (1 abstract)
Smithsonian Inst. National Museum of Natural History (2 abstracts)
Smithsonian Institution (4 abstracts)
South Dakota State University (4 abstracts)
Southern Illinois University (7 abstracts)
Southern Oregon University (1 abstract)
Southwestern Adventist UNiversity (1 abstract)
Spanish Research Council (2 abstracts)
St. Edward's University ( abstract)
St. John's University ( abstract)
State University of Feira de Santana (2 abstracts)
State University Of New York Oswego (1 abstract)
Stephen F. Austin State University (2 abstracts)
Stevenson University (2 abstracts)
stony brook university (1 abstract)
Sun Yat-sen University (4 abstracts)
Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China (1 abstract)
Sungkyunkwan University (2 abstracts)
Sungshin Women's University ( abstract)
SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor (1 abstract)
SUNY-ESF (State University of NY, College of Env Science & Forestry) (1 abstract)
Swedish Museum of Natural History (2 abstracts)
Syracuse Univesrity (1 abstract)
Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (2 abstracts)
TCU (1 abstract)
Technische Universität Dresden, Institut für Botanik (1 abstract)
Texas A & M University (5 abstracts)
Texas Christian University (1 abstract)
Texas Parks and Wildlife (1 abstract)
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (1 abstract)
Texas State University (6 abstracts)
Texas Tech University (6 abstracts)
The College Of New Jersey (3 abstracts)
The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center (1 abstract)
The Field Museum (5 abstracts)
The George Washington University (1 abstract)
The Institute for Regional Conservation (2 abstracts)
The Island Endemics Foundation (1 abstract)
The Land Institute (1 abstract)
The Morton Arboretum (1 abstract)
The New York Botanical Garden (10 abstracts)
The Ohio State University (2 abstracts)
The University of Colorado at Boulder (1 abstract)
The University of Hong Kong (2 abstracts)
The University of Texas at Austin (4 abstracts)
THIEL COLLEGE (1 abstract)
TOHOKU UNIV (1 abstract)
Trinity University (1 abstract)
Tromsø University Museum (1 abstract)
Truman State University (2 abstracts)
TU Dresden (1 abstract)
U. S. Air Force (1 abstract)
U.C. Berkeley (3 abstracts)
U.S. Bureau of Land Management (1 abstract)
U.S. Department of Interior (1 abstract)
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (1 abstract)
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (1 abstract)
U.S. Forest Service (2 abstracts)
U.S. Geological Survey (1 abstract)
U.S. Geological Survey; Southwest Biological Science Center (1 abstract)
UC Berkeley (1 abstract)
UC Davis (2 abstracts)
UC Davis Center for Plant Diversity (2 abstracts)
UC Riverside (2 abstracts)
UCLA (2 abstracts)
Umaru Musa Yar'adua University ( abstract)
United States Department of Agriculture (1 abstract)
United States Forest Service (1 abstract)
Univeristy of Colorado Denver (1 abstract)
Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (2 abstracts)
Universidad de Antioquia (1 abstract)
Universidad de Buenos Aires (1 abstract)
Universidad de Chile (1 abstract)
Universidad de los Andes (2 abstracts)
Universidad de Zaragoza (1 abstract)
Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas (2 abstracts)
Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco (1 abstract)
Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo (1 abstract)
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (3 abstracts)
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, León (1 abstract)
Universidad Nacional de Colombia (1 abstract)
Universidad Nacional del Comahue (1 abstract)
Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego (1 abstract)
Universidade De Sao Paulo (3 abstracts)
Universidade de Vigo (1 abstract)
Universidade Estadual de Campinas (3 abstracts)
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (1 abstract)
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (2 abstracts)
Université de Montréal (1 abstract)
Université de Sciences Montpellier (1 abstract)
University of Aarhus (1 abstract)
University of Alberta (4 abstracts)
University of Antananarivo (1 abstract)
University of Antioquia (1 abstract)
University of Arizona (5 abstracts)
University of Benin, Benin City, (1 abstract)
University of Bern (2 abstracts)
University of British Columbia (4 abstracts)
University of California (1 abstract)
University Of California Berkeley (12 abstracts)
University Of California Davis (3 abstracts)
University Of California Irvine (1 abstract)
University of California Los Angeles (3 abstracts)
University of California Santa Cruz (1 abstract)
University Of California-Irvine (1 abstract)
University of California, Berkeley (2 abstracts)
University of California, Davis (4 abstracts)
University of California, Los Angeles (1 abstract)
University of California, Merced (3 abstracts)
University of California, Riverside (6 abstracts)
University of California, Santa Cruz (1 abstract)
University Of Central Arkansas (2 abstracts)
University of Central Florida (2 abstracts)
University of Chicago (1 abstract)
University of Cincinnati (3 abstracts)
University of Colorado (2 abstracts)
University of Colorado - Boulder (2 abstracts)
University of Colorado at Boulder (3 abstracts)
University of Colorado Boulder (6 abstracts)
University Of Colorado Denver (1 abstract)
University Of Colorado-Boulder (3 abstracts)
University of Colorado, Boulder (2 abstracts)
University of Connecticut (9 abstracts)
University of Copenhagen (1 abstract)
University of Delhi (1 abstract)
University Of Florida (24 abstracts)
University of Florida & Florida Museum of Natural History (1 abstract)
University Of Florida And National Museum Of Natural History (1 abstract)
University of Florida, Florida Museum of Natural History (1 abstract)
University of Georgia (1 abstract)
University of Gothenburg (2 abstracts)
University Of Guelph (1 abstract)
University of Gujrat (1 abstract)
University Of Hawaii (3 abstracts)
University of Hawaii at Manoa (2 abstracts)
University of Heidelberg (1 abstract)
University of Helsinki (1 abstract)
University of Idaho (2 abstracts)
University of Illinois at Chicago (2 abstracts)
University of Kansas (13 abstracts)
University Of Lagos (7 abstracts)
University of Liège (3 abstracts)
University of Manitoba (2 abstracts)
University of Maryland (3 abstracts)
University Of Massachusetts (1 abstract)
University of Massachusetts Amherst (1 abstract)
University of Melbourne (1 abstract)
University of Memphis (7 abstracts)
University of Miami (2 abstracts)
University of Michigan (7 abstracts)
University of Minnesota (1 abstract)
University of Minnesota Duluth (1 abstract)
University Of Missouri (1 abstract)
University of Missouri St Louis (1 abstract)
University of Missouri, Columbia (1 abstract)
University of Montana (2 abstracts)
University of Nebraska (2 abstracts)
University of New England (1 abstract)
University of North Carolina (1 abstract)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro (1 abstract)
University of North Carolina Wilmington (1 abstract)
University of Oklahoma (9 abstracts)
University of Pennsylvania (1 abstract)
University of Pernambuco (1 abstract)
University of Puerto Rico (1 abstract)
University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras (1 abstract)
University of Richmond (1 abstract)
University of Rwanda (1 abstract)
University of San Diego (1 abstract)
University Of South Alabama (3 abstracts)
University of South Carolina (1 abstract)
University of South Florida (2 abstracts)
University Of Southern Mississippi (1 abstract)
University of Tasmania, Australia (1 abstract)
University of Tennessee (3 abstracts)
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (2 abstracts)
University Of Texas (1 abstract)
University Of Texas At Austin (4 abstracts)
University Of Texas At El Paso (1 abstract)
University of the Punjab (1 abstract)
University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan (2 abstracts)
University of the Virgin Island (1 abstract)
University of Tulsa (1 abstract)
University of Utah (1 abstract)
University of Vermont (1 abstract)
University of Vienna (1 abstract)
University of Virginia (2 abstracts)
University of Washington (9 abstracts)
University of Waterloo (1 abstract)
University of West Alabama (1 abstract)
University of Western Australia (1 abstract)
University of Wisconsin (2 abstracts)
University Of Wisconsin - Madison (2 abstracts)
University of Wisconsin-Madison (3 abstracts)
University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (3 abstracts)
University of Wolverhampton (1 abstract)
University of Wyoming (2 abstracts)
University Of Wyoming, Laramie (1 abstract)
US Fish and Wildlife Services (1 abstract)
US Forest Service (1 abstract)
USDA (1 abstract)
USDA Agricultural Research Service (2 abstracts)
USDA ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository (1 abstract)
USDA Forest Service (7 abstracts)
USDA Forest Service - Southern Research Station (2 abstracts)
USDA Invasive Plant Research Laboratory (1 abstract)
USDA-aphis (1 abstract)
USDA-ARS (2 abstracts)
USDA-ARS-SHRS (1 abstract)
USGS (2 abstracts)
Utah State University (7 abstracts)
Utah Valley University (3 abstracts)
Valdosta State University (2 abstracts)
Virginia Commonwealth University (2 abstracts)
Virginia Tech (1 abstract)
Wake Forest University (1 abstract)
Washington State University (4 abstracts)
Weatherford College (2 abstracts)
WEseleyan University (1 abstract)
Weselyan University (1 abstract)
WEsleyan University (1 abstract)
West Virginia University (4 abstracts)
Western Australian Herbarium (1 abstract)
Western Kentucky University (1 abstract)
Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (1 abstract)
Wichita State University (1 abstract)
Wildlife Diversity Program, Retired (1 abstract)
Wilkes University (1 abstract)
Winthrop University (1 abstract)
Wyoming Natural Diversity Database (1 abstract)
Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, CAS (1 abstract)
Yale University (4 abstracts)
Yellowstone National Park (1 abstract)
Yeungnam University (1 abstract)
York College (1 abstract)
Yunnan University (1 abstract)

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