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Breslin, Peter [1], Majure, Lucas [2].

Molecular phylogeny of the Mammillaria (Cactaceae) of Baja California and adjacent regions.

Mammillaria is one of the most speciose genera in the Cactaceae, with 200 taxa currently recognized. Of these, 30 taxa occur on the Baja California peninsula or its islands and twenty-eight of these taxa are endemic. Of those tweny-eight endemic taxa, 12 are highly restricted endemics of conservation concern. Species boundaries, relationships and the historical biogeography of this diverse group are poorly understood. This ongoing project uses genome skimming data, analyzing sequence data from 90 taxa within Mammillaria and other closely related genera. Building on extensive prior reconstruction of the plastid genome in Cactaceae by the Majure Lab, phylogenies will be reconstructed using multiple genes. Revisiting earlier work, which found a clade including not only Mammillaria but several other genera, such as Coryphantha, Neolloydia, Ortegocactus, and Pelecyphora, one goal is to clarify the boundaries of this clade. Another goal is to gain understanding of the position of the Mammillaria of Baja within this larger clade as well as within Mammillaria s.s. The relationship of the Baja California endemic genus Cochemiea, which has controversial status, to the genus Mammillaria and to its Baja California relatives will be explored. The most likely relationships of the Baja California Mammillaria to the Mammillaria of adjacent regions of Sinaloa, Sonora, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California will also be analyzed. Hypotheses regarding the biogeographic history of the group also will be discussed. These resulting data show promising utility for phylogenetic reconstruction of Mammillaria and as a tool to better understand the evolution, dispersal and relationships in the North American tribe Cacteae and the family Cactaceae in general.   

1 - 172 E Bonita Way, 172 E. Bonita Way, Tempe, AZ, 85281, United States
2 - Desert Botanical Garden, 1201 N. Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ, 85008, United States

Molecular phylogeny
Baja California

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