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 Genetic Diversity in Pumpkins (Cucurbita sp.) Accessions from Southwest Nigeria Using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) Marker.

The taxonomy of the members of the family Cucurbitaceae had been a challenge to botanist in Nigeria, which had resulted into confusion in proper identification of the members. There are many overlaps in the group. The diversity among some Nigeria accessions of Cucurbita was investigated using RAPD makers to determine the genetic relationships. DNA extracts were made from the leaves of 13 Cucurbita accessions. PCR- RAPD analysis revealed a more realistic relationship by grouping the accessions into distinct clusters that appeared to have some link with agro-ecology from which the accessions were collected. Variations observed in the fruit qualitative traits depicted higher discrimination with some implications on the genetic diversity and relationship among the accessions. The study demonstrated that RAPD makers could be considered the purest way to establish the genetic diversity among the members.
Keywords: Cucurbita, Accessions, Genetic diversity and Variations    

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Genetic diversity

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