Affinity Group Meetups

For the past several years, our botanical community, with logistic support from BSA and members of the BSA DEI committee, has come together to organize affinity group social events at the annual Botany conference. This year, we are very excited to be able to hold these events in person in Alaska. Snacks included! While RSVPs are not required, we are providing some light food options, so if you are interested in attending one or more of the Affinity Group Meetups or the AISES Indigenous Botanists Gathering detailed above please fill out this google form to help us with food preparation.

AISES Indigenous Botanists Gathering Tuesday, 9:30-10:30 am (location TBD)

The Indigenous Botanists Gathering, hosted by The American Indian Science and Engineering Society, will provide an opportunity for Indigenous Botanists, and all who are interested, to foster relationships and develop community. There will be informal small group discussions to aid in conversations and networking. Discussions may include topics such as Indigenous plant knowledge, experiences of being an Indigenous botanist, and future steps to support both current and future society members. Participants will also get to learn more about the LEAPS: Culture Change for Inclusion of Indigenous Voices in Biology grant and ways to participate. Food included! While RSVPs are not required, we are providing food, so if you are interested in attending this event or one or more of the Affinity Group Meetups listed below please fill out this google form to help us with food preparation.  

Alcohol-free Ice Cream Social - The Botany Scoop, Monday 7-8 pm: You’re invited to enjoy some ice cream in an alcohol-free setting! This laid-back social event will be a great way to network or unwind after the first day of presentations. Join us and chat about whatever you’d like, from that great talk you attended or your Alaska wildlife sightings, all without the pressures of the big receptions.

Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander Mixer, Tuesday, 2:45-3:45 pm: A social mixer for Botany attendees who identify as Asian, Asian American, or Pacific Islanders. Come join us to expand your professional network and celebrate our heritage!

BIPOC Mixer, Monday, 7-8pm: A social networking event for botanists who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to meet up and discuss common interests in plants, research, academic life, and anything else! This is a free form event to build community and have fun. Allies are welcome to attend.

Bots with Tots, Tuesday, 9:30-10:30 am A gathering for any botanist with children. Whether you are lugging young ones on this adventure to Alaska, or if they are back home, stop by for a craft-able postcard. There will also be the opportunity for discussion on the challenges and triumphs of raising budding botanists.

Disabled in the Botanical Sciences Meetup, Tuesday, 2:45-3:45 pm We are having a social meet-up for the disabled and allies in the Botanical Sciences at Botany 2022. We want to facilitate an hour of meaningful discussions, connecting, networking with others, and having a good time!

Encuentro Latinx/Latinx Mixer, Monday 7-8pm: La Sociedad Botánica de América les da la bienvenida a miembros de la comunidad latinx para un encuentro durante la conferencia Botany 2022 en Anchorage, Alaska. Celebremos nuestras diversas culturas e interés común por las plantas. Este encuentro es solo para personas que se identifican como latinx. / The Botanical Society of America welcomes members of the Latinx community for a mixer during Botany 2022 in Anchorage, Alaska. Let's celebrate our diverse cultures and common interest in plants. This mixer is only for people who identify as Latinx.

Queer Femmes in Botany, Monday, 7-8 pm: While botany is one of the few natural sciences with notable queer representation, femmes still continue to face challenges carving out space for themselves, especially within the professional botanical community. This is a casual meet-up for any type of queer femme to connect and revel in the delights and difficulties of our experiences within botany. Generally speaking, a "femme" is a queer-identified person who identifies with some realm of femininity. This identity is often expressed through feminine-associated behaviors, interactions, and political views, and is not restricted by gender. Femmes can hold any identity under the queer umbrella, from cis-women to trans-women, gender-nonconforming people to nonbinary people. While allyship is appreciated, this group is for people who already identify as within the queer spectrum and is not intended for allies.

And a reminder that there is also an LGBTQ & Allies Mixer, Tuesday, 5:30-6:30 pm. A $10 registration for this event is required, through the conference registration website.