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Monday, July 29th

Monday, July 29th, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm · Arizona Ballroom/Starr Pass
Session P: Contributed Posters: Macroevolution Posters
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PMC001July 29th 5:30 pmArizona Ballroom/Starr PassConvergent evolution among three alpine endemic Lomatium (Apiaceae)
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Poster: MacroevolutionOttenlips, Michael; Feist, Mary Ann; Mansfield, Don; Plunkett, Gregory; Smith, James.
PMC002July 29th 5:30 pmArizona Ballroom/Starr PassCAM photosynthesis in the aquatic lycophyte Isoetes taiwanensis
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Poster: MacroevolutionWickell, David Allen; Kuo, Li-Yaung; Li, Fay-Wei.Isoetes
CAM photosynthesis
parallel evolution
PMC003July 29th 5:30 pmArizona Ballroom/Starr PassWhy does geographic range size explain diversification rates variation amongst land plants?
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Poster: MacroevolutionCruz, Marilyn Vásquez; HERNANDEZ-HERNANDEZ, TANIA.geographic range
 land plants diversification
extent of occurrence
area of occupancy
geographic mode of speciation
PMC004July 29th 5:30 pmArizona Ballroom/Starr PassMultivariate Approaches to Studying the Importance of Genome Size Evolution
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Poster: MacroevolutionHagen, Eric; Beaulieu, Jeremy.Genome size
comparative methods
guard cells
multivariate analyses

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