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65Authors in the Driver’s Seat: Evaluating Phenotype Data Authoring ToolsConference WideCui, Hong; Reznicek, Anton.
64Automatic updating of phylogeniesConference WideKandziora, Martha; Toscani Field, Jasper.Phylogenetics
automatic updating
61Broadening botanical pathways in teachingConference WideKrakos, Kyra; Uno, Gordon; Sundberg, Marshall.teaching
student-centered learning
science practices
professional development
81Early-career innovators in herbarium-enabled research and future-proofing for the next waves of inventivenessConference WideSweeney, Patrick; Mast, Austin.
52Empowering citizen science leaders with tools for robust community engagementConference WideBarnett, LoriAnne.phenology
capacity building
environmental education
citizen science
58How to navigate in tree space: learning to generate clade names and computable clade definitions (phyloreferences) for the Tree of LifeConference WideCellinese, Nico.clade names
phylogenetic definitions
48Machine learning with R for botanistsConference WideShipunov, Alexey.
80National Science Foundation Information Session for early career individualsConference WideRepresentatives from, NSF.
79National Science Foundation Information Session for faculty and other professionalsConference WideRepresentatives from, NSF.
50Present your work in three minutesConference WideKirchoff, Bruce.sceintific communication
three-minute thesis
speaking training
60Professional Writing: Covering Personal Statements, Research Statements, and Teaching StatementsConference WidePretz, Chelsea; Min, Ya.writing, job applications, student
51Scoring Phenology on Herbarium Specimens using SymbiotaConference WidePearson, Katie; Gilbert, Ed; Nelson, Gil; Yost, Jenn.phenology
data standards
56Strategies for successful faculty/undergraduate student collaborative research at PUIsConference WideJabaily, Rachel; Taylor, Mackenzie; Moore, Michael.PUI
54Timing is Everything! Using Phenology to Stimulate Interest by Undergraduate Students in the Plant Sciences and Climate ChangeConference WideNeufeld, Howard; Hove, Alisa; Rhode-Ward, Jennifer.phenology
climate change
interdisciplinary research
21Tips for Success: Applying to Graduate SchoolConference WideMONFILS , ANNA K.Graduate School
57Tools for building highly customized figures, for intermediate R usersConference WideMorrison , Glen R; Rajewski, Alex.R
Data visualization
49Underutilized Plants: Holistic Wealth Security of WorldConference WidePandey, Vashist.
59Using Digitized Herbarium Data in Research:  Applications for Ecology, Phylogenetics, and BiogeographyConference WideSoltis, Pamela; Soltis, Douglas; Folk, Ryan.digitized herbarium data
ecological niche modelling
phylogenetic diversity
spatial phylogenetics
53Using HHMI Videos and Data Points As Tools For Engaging Students From Molecules to EcosystemsConference WideGibson, Phil.Pedagogy
STEM Education
Case Study
Data Points
Video Case Study

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