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502A systematic review of secondary pollen presentation in angiosperms: shared morphological traits and pollination systemsMacroevolutionBenitez-Villaseñor, Adriana; Magallon, Susana; Marten, Silvana.Secondary pollen presentation
Pollination systems
flower morphology
693CAM photosynthesis in the aquatic lycophyte Isoetes taiwanensisMacroevolutionWickell , David Allen; Kuo, Li-Yaung; Li, Fay-Wei.Isoetes
CAM photosynthesis
parallel evolution
1033Connecting phylogenetic and microevolutionary views on dioecy evolution: insights from an ancient angiosperm lineage (Hydatellaceae, Nymphaeales)MacroevolutionGraham, Sean; Gerelle, Wesley; Jost, Mathias; Logacheva, Maria; Sauquet, Hervé; Moore, Michael; Les, Donald; Macfarlane, Terry; Remizowa, Margarita; Conran, Dr John; Wanke, Stefan; Rudall, Paula J; Sokoloff, Dmitry; Marques, Isabel.Dioecy
Plastid phylogenomics
Ancestral states
514Convergent evolution among three alpine endemic Lomatium (Apiaceae)MacroevolutionOttenlips, Michael; Feist, Mary Ann; Mansfield, Don; Plunkett, Gregory; Smith, James.
726Drivers of inverse biodiversity gradients in SaxifragalesMacroevolutionFolk, Ryan; Soltis, Pamela; Soltis, Douglas; Guralnick, Robert.macroevolution
latitudinal diversity gradient
functional traits
Species Richness
248Eco-geographical patterns of speciation in Royal Irises, a species complex in the course of speciationMacroevolutionSapir, Yuval; Bar-Lev, Yamit; Osmolovsky, Inna; Wilson, Carol.ecological speciation
ecological niche modelling
reproductive isolation
species divergence
species complex
406Evolution of floral groundplan in the transition to Pentapetalae (eudicots, angiosperms) through total-evidence analysis of extant and fossil speciesMacroevolutionLópez Martínez , Andrea Monserrath; Sauquet, Hervé; Magallon, Susana.fossil flowers
Total Evidence Dating
Basal eudicots
948Evolution of pyrrolizidine alkaloid biosynthesis in Apocynaceae: inference of ancestral function in the pathway-specific enzyme, homospermidine synthaseMacroevolutionSmith, Chelsea R.; Kaltenegger, Elisabeth; Tasca, Julia A.; Teisher, Jordan; Straub, Shannon; Minbiole, Kevin P. C.; Livshultz, Tatyana.Apocynaceae
pyrrolizidine alkaloids
Gene duplication
ancestral reconstruction
plant defense
Secondary metabolites
1015Extrafloral organ fusion in the evolution of Lonicera and its relatives (Caprifoliaceae, Dipsacales)MacroevolutionClement, Wendy; Howarth, Dianella; Landrein, Sven ; Srivastav, Mansa; Donoghue, Michael.
553How natural selection drives and maintains floral colour variation: irises, pollinators and beyondMacroevolutionGallagher, Megan; Sapir, Yuval; Imbert, Eric.Pollination
flower color
1071Integrative studies of replicated evolution in a clade of neotropical Viburnum (Adoxaceae) MacroevolutionDonoghue, Michael; Alavez, Veronica; Gardner, Jordan; Landis, Michael ; Moeglein, Morgan; Park, Brian; Segovia, Ali Citlali; Diana, Soriano ; Torola, Pamela; Cacho, N. Ivalu; Olson, Mark; Eaton, Deren; Edwards, Erika.Viburnum
770Is pollen involved too? Floral traits and pollinators in New World Justicia (Acanthaceae)MacroevolutionKiel, Carrie; Tripp, Erin; Fisher, Amanda; McDade, Lucinda.macroevolution
floral evolution
836Multivariate Approaches to Studying the Importance of Genome Size EvolutionMacroevolutionHagen, Eric; Beaulieu, Jeremy.Genome size
comparative methods
guard cells
multivariate analyses
556North America Defies Global Trend of Decreased Diversity under Extreme EnvironmentsMacroevolutionEdwards, Robert; Mason, Chase; Cartwright, Jennifer; Soltis, Pamela; Funk, Vicki; Thompson, James; Nauman, Travis; Ian, Pearse; Miller, Joe; Anacker, Brian; Goldhaber, Marty.macroecology
Species Richness
extreme environment
792Phylogenomics of the Nitrogen-Fixing Clade to Uncover Genomic Novelties Required for Evolution of Root Nodule SymbiosesMacroevolutionKates, Heather; Folk, Ryan; Kirst, Matias; Roy, Sushmita; Ane, Jean-Michel; Guralnick, Robert; Soltis, Douglas; Soltis, Pamela.nodulation
Herbarium Specimens
nitrogen fixation
828Quantifying the limits of our knowledge in phylogenetic comparative studiesMacroevolutionBoyko, James; Beaulieu, Jeremy.Phylogenetics
Primary endosymbiosis
ancestral reconstruction
information theory
comparative methods
806Resurrecting an urban sunflower population: phenotypic and molecular changes over 36 yearsMacroevolutionSpear, Marissa; Etterson, Julie; Gross, Briana.evolution
crop wild relative
climate change
Helianthius annuus
136Staminode Evolution in Mentzelia Section Bartonia (Loasaceae) and their Impact on Insect Visitation RatesMacroevolutionSchenk, John; Botnaru, Lucia.Ancestor character estimation
floral evolution
functional cooption
phylogenetic comparative methods
670Testing the early burst diversification hypothesis of ecological differentiation in adaptive radiations with genus Penstemon (Plantaginaceae)MacroevolutionStone, Benjamin; Wolfe, Andi.adaptive radiation
early burst
1008The impact of ascertainment bias in comparative biologyMacroevolutionBeaulieu, Jeremy; O'Meara, Brian.character estimation
ascertainment bias
609The implications of lineage-specific rates for divergence time estimationMacroevolutionCarruthers, Tom.divergence time estimation
substitution rate analyses
633Towards a timeline of vascular plant evolution: Inferring the time-calibrated phylogeny of the Marattiales using total-evidence dating under the fossilized birth-death processMacroevolutionRothfels, Carl; Contreras, Dori; Sundue , Michael A; Looy, Cindy; Nagalingum, Nathalie; Muddiman, Benjamin; May, Michael.divergence time estimation
early land plants
fossilized birth-death process
morphological evolution
Total Evidence Dating
798Why does geographic range size explain diversification rates variation amongst land plants?MacroevolutionCruz , Marilyn Vásquez; HERNANDEZ-HERNANDEZ, TANIA.geographic range
 land plants diversification
extent of occurrence
area of occupancy
geographic mode of speciation

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