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Bryology and Lichenology

Krayesky, David [1].

Radula auriculata Stephani in North America.

The leafy liverwort Radula auriculata Stephani has a broad distribution, being found in areas along the Pacific North and Southeast Asia.  A systematic study in the late 1970s confirmed this aforementioned distribution for the species.  More recent examinations of both North American specimens of R. auriculata and the type material of the species demonstrates that the North American and Asian populations are not identical in all respects.  The populations of R. auriculata from North America are a significantly more robust plant than that of R. auriculata sensu K. Yamada.  Although there are species within Radula Dumortier that have broad distributions there are also species and subspecies that exhibit endemism.  Based on the differences seen in the North American populations of R. auriculata and the presence of endemism within Radula suggests two distinct taxa exist within R. auriculata.  

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North America

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