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Comparative Genomics/Transcriptomics

Alqahtani, Aldanah [1], Jansen, Robert [2].

Characterization of Genes involved in Producing Anti-Cancer Compounds in the Euphorbia schimperiTranscriptome.

Euphorbia schimperi isa toxic plantin the Euphorbiaceae with considerable medicinal applications. The species produces secondary compounds that are effective against breast and brain cancer but very little is currently known about the genomics of E. schimperiEuphorbia schimperiaccumulates several important secondary compounds includingtriterpenoids likecycloart-23-en-3β, 25-diol,cycloart-25-en-3β 24-diol  and α-amyrin, as well as steroid glycosides, flavonoids and phenylpropanoids, which are known to have anti-brain and breast cancer properties. In this study, transcriptome sequencing of E. schimperiwas conducted to identify the genes that involved in biosynthesis of these compounds. Approximately 80,916,952 million sequence reads were generated from fresh leaf tissue of E. schimperi using the IIlumina platform and reads were assembled de novointo a high coverage transcriptome using Trinity. Gene family trees were constructed to identify homologs of six pathway genes (LUP2, AT4G34050 (CCOAOMT1), AY230247 (FNSI),UGT80A2, RcCAS, and FLS1) to examine their evolutionary history. All six genes were identified in the transcriptome of E. schimperiand some of them have more copies than other members of Malpighiales and Fabales examined. The transcriptome study of Eschimperiprovides significant information for understanding plant-specialized metabolism and genomic data for future efforts to increase the production of plant- derived pharmaceuticals in this species.

1 - The University of Texas at Austin, Department of Integrative Biology, 2415 Speedway #C0930, Austin, Texas, 78712, USA
2 - The University of Texas at Austin, Integrative Biology , 205 W. 24th St. Stop C0930, Austin, 78712, usa

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