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Pretz, Chelsea [1], Min, Ya [2].

Professional Writing: Covering Personal Statements, Research Statements, and Teaching Statements.

Applications for most fellowships, awards, and academic-related jobs nowadays require personal statements, research statements, and/or teaching statements, and a well-written statement can help one to stand out among all the other applicants. In this workshop, participants will learn from experienced faculty members about all facets of writing a good statement, including drafting strategies, how to be articulate and concise, how to show one’s experience and confidence, and all the other dos and don’ts. The main part of the workshop will be partitioned into three sessions, and each session will focus on one of the three statements. Subsequently, the workshop will have some time for participants to draft an outline of one of these statements. During this time all the experts will be around to help give feedback on the outlines and suggestions when they are needed. The hardest part of writing can just be starting, and this workshop is meant to get anyone who might be intimidated by writing a statement over that first hurdle.

1 - University of Colorado-Boulder, 1900 Pleasant St, Boulder, CO, 80302, United States
2 - Harvard University, Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology, 26 Oxford St, Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA

writing, job applications, student.

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