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Hybrids and Hybridization

Funmilola Mabel, Ojo [1].

Morphological and chromosome studies of Andropogon gayanus - Andropogon tectorum complex in South-western Nigeria.

Morphological data from collections of Andropogon gayanus - Andropogon  tectorum complex (Poaceae) from different parts of South west were collected. All the Andropogon tectorum clones in the collection possess glabrous leaves, sheath and petiole with the exceptions if few ones which at least when young has hairy leaf blades. Ligules in Andropogon tectorum does not have hair, keel is prominent. The Andropogon gayanus clones exhibit a considerable amount of overlap in the expression of traits like hairiness of vegetative parts notably the leaf sheath, petiole, lamina. Cytogenetic studies in the Andropogon  gayanus - Andropogon tectorum  complex on the morphology and meiotic behaviour of collections of Andropogon gayanus (2n = 40),  Andropogon  tectorum (2n = 20) and their hybrids were carried out. There was multivalent associations which suggested that the ancestral gametic chromosome are 4 i.e. when there was 20, it is probably tetraploid from "allo or auto". The evolutionary relationship between the two species and the probable origin of multivalent associations was discussed.

1 - Assistant Lecturer , Biological Sciences , Ondo State University Of Science And Technology, Okitipupa, P.M.B. 353, Okitipupa, ON, 234, Nigeria

Andropogon gayanus
Andropogon tectorum

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