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Jolles, Diana [1], Stoughton, Thomas [2].

Biogeography and diversity of the striped wintergreen, Chimaphila maculata L. (Ericaceae).

Chimaphila maculata L. (striped wintergreen) grows primarily in Eastern Forests of North America, but also occurs in the mountains of the Desert Southwest to Central America. Plants growing less abundantly and in relatively isolated habitats in the southwest represent broad disjuncts from the eastern populations and may represent multiple, distinct genetic lineages of C. maculata. In this study, we compare leaf morphometry, ecological characteristics, and genetic differences among plants of C. maculata collected from disjunct parts of its range in order to clarify how many lineages are present. In the process, we test Ryberg’s concepts of C. maculata and its close relatives, comment on the diversity present within these taxa, and describe associations between climate and leaf characteristics. Finally, we use the overall distribution of genetic diversity present in this taxon to comment on reproductive isolation over time in areas where C. maculata is (or may be) uncommon or threatened.

1 - Plymouth State University, Biological Sciences, 17 High Street, Msc 48, Plymouth, NH, 03264, United States
2 - Plymouth State University, 17 High St, Plymouth, NH, 03264

Eastern Forest

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