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Tuesday, July 28th

Tuesday, July 28th
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm · San Luis 2/Starr Pass
Session ETH1: Contributed Papers: Ethnobotany
ETH1001July 28th 3:00 pmPersistence of use of Amazigh medicinal plants documented by ibn al-BaytarEthnobotanyPaperApplequist, Wendy.ethnobotany
historical botany
ibn al-Baytar
ETH1002July 28th 3:15 pmEthno-botanical study of medicinal plants in Syangja District, NepalEthnobotanyPaperRegmi, Siddhartha.ethno-botanical
open-ended questionnaires
ETH1003July 28th 3:30 pmEthnobotanical Survey, Phytochemical Analysis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Meidicinal Plants used for Skin Diorders in Lagos State, NigeriaEthnobotanyPaperSharaibi, Olubunmi; Sobayo, Ashiat.Skin Diorders
Medicinal Plants
Lagos State
Acalypha wikisiena
Phytochemical Analysis
Antimicrobial Evaluation
ETH1004July 28th 3:45 pmScreening of Rumex crispus extracts potency using Caenorhabditis elegans model: an ultrastructural study of the effect and non-targeted identification of the bioactive compoundsEthnobotanyPaperIdris , Oladayo Amed; Wintola, Olubunmi Abosede ; Afolayan, Anthony Jide .Caenorhabditis elegans
gastrointestinal infections
anthelmintic novel drug
bioactive compounds
ethnoveterinary medicines
ETH1005July 28th 4:00 pmIdentification of 17 Chinese Rhododendron cultivars: A Preliminary Study Based on DNA Barcodes and Leaf Epidermis Microscopic CharacteristicsEthnobotanyPaperShen, Fengjiao; Cui, Mengwei; Shi, Shuo; Li, Lin; Zhao, Jiancheng.Rhododendrons
cultivated plants
parental tracing
ETH1007July 28th 4:30 pmOpportunity versus Necessity: What drives Environmental Reliance?EthnobotanyPaperKemigisha, Esther; Angelsen, Arild.Environmental reliance
Environmental income
Quantile regression
ETH1008July 28th 4:45 pmCOVID-19, Plant Biodiversity, Utilization, Conservation and      biodiversity - climatic linkEthnobotanyPaperPandey, Vashist.COVID-19
biodiversity - climatic link

Wednesday, July 29th

Wednesday, July 29th
10:00 am to 12:00 pm · San Luis 2/Starr Pass
Session REP1: Contributed Papers: Reproductive Processes 1
REP1001July 29th 10:00 amIndividual flowering schedules and floral display size in monkeyflower: a common garden studyReproductive ProcessesPaperSemski, Wendy; Mitchell, Randall; Karron, Jeffrey.flowering phenology
Floral display
REP1002July 29th 10:15 amSexual dimorphism, inter-island evolutionary divergence, and diel variation in floral volatiles of wind-pollinated Schiedea globosa (Caryophyllaceae)Reproductive ProcessesPaperPowers, John; Sakai, Ann; Weller, Stephen; Campbell, Diane.floral volatiles
Island radiation
sexual dimorphism
genetic distance
scent chemistry
wind pollination
REP1003July 29th 10:30 amPollination, paternity and Bateman's principle in a hermaphroditic plantReproductive ProcessesPaperKarron, Jeffrey; Christopher, Dorothy; Christopher, Dorothy; Semski, Wendy; Trapnell, Dorset; Trapnell, Dorset; Smallwood , Patrick Alan; Mitchell, Randall.male fitness
reproductive success
REP1004July 29th 10:45 amIs self-pollen interference driving the evolution of gynodioecy in European chestnut?Reproductive ProcessesPaperLARUE, Clement; BASSET, Gaelle; LEPAIS, Olivier; PETIT, Remy.Castanea sativa
insect pollination
Ovule discounting
Late-acting self-incompatibility
Pollen limitation
Emasculation experiment
REP1005July 29th 11:00 amEvolution of cleistogamy is strongly associated with zygomorphy in flowering plantsReproductive ProcessesPaperJoly, Simon; Schoen, Daniel.plant reproduction
mating system
flower symmetry
floral evolution
REP1006July 29th 11:15 amSelf-fertilization is not always a dead end: the evolution of outcrossing species in a selfing cladeReproductive ProcessesPaperAbdelaziz, Mohamed; Muñoz-Pajares, A. Jesús; Bakkali, Mohammed.Outcrossing evolution
REP1007July 29th 11:30 amCandidate-based discovery of self-incompatibility across eudicotsReproductive ProcessesPaperIgić, Boris; Igić, Boris; Igić, Boris; Igić, Boris; Ramanauskas, Karolis.self-incompatibility
Breeding System
REP1008July 29th 11:45 amWhat drives floral gender expression? Example from an andromonoecious spiderwort Murdannia simplex (Commelinaceae)Reproductive ProcessesPaperAlbal, Asawari; G, Azad; Shrotri, Saket; GOWDA, VINITA.andromonoecy
pollinator preference
Wednesday, July 29th
12:30 pm to 2:30 pm · San Luis 2/Starr Pass
Session REP2: Contributed Papers: Reproductive Processes 2
Presiding: Rich Moore, Miami University
REP2001July 29th 12:30 pmPopulation selfing rates vary with floral display size and pollinator activity in natural populations of monkeyflowerReproductive ProcessesPaperChristopher, Dorothy; Christopher, Dorothy; Karron, Jeffrey; Trapnell, Dorset; Trapnell, Dorset; Mitchell, Randall.selfing
mating system
REP2002July 29th 12:45 pmIndependent bees working together: Male fitness of prairie perennial Echinacea angustifolia is more influenced by cumulative bee visitation than by any individual speciesReproductive ProcessesPaperPearson, Avery; Nicole Incarnato , Miyauna Monique; Johnson, Ren; Stevens, Mia; Ison, Jennifer.pollination
Echinacea angustifolia
plant-pollinator interactions
reproductive ecology
male fitness
tallgrass prairie
native bees
REP2003July 29th 1:00 pmFloral colour diversity on the mountainous island of Taiwan reveals phylogenetic clustering and selective filtering due to bee preferencesReproductive ProcessesPaperTai, King-Chun; Shrestha, Mani; Dyer, Adrian G.; Yang, En-Cheng; Wang, Chun-Neng.Flower color assembly
bee vision
floral color diversity
elevational gradient
character displacement
phylogenetic signal
REP2004July 29th 1:15 pmPollen dispensing schedules in buzz-pollinated plants: Comparing species with contrasting floral morphologiesReproductive ProcessesPaperKemp, Jurene; Vallejo-Marin, Mario.pollination
pollen presentation theory
REP2005July 29th 1:30 pmBees are inefficient pollinators in cloud forests - investigating pollinator shifts in neotropical MelastomataceaeReproductive ProcessesPaperDellinger, Agnes; Pérez-Barrales, Rocío; Fernández-Fernández, Diana; Schönenberger, Jürg.Andes
pollen presentation theory
stamen morphology
REP2006July 29th 1:45 pmImpact of introduced western honeybees on native plantsReproductive ProcessesPaperAyre, Bronwyn; Krauss, Siegy.
REP2007July 29th 2:00 pmThree options are better than two: complementary nature of different pollination modes in Salix capreaReproductive ProcessesPaperOhashi, Kazuharu; Jürgens, Andreas.anemophily
diurnal pollinators
generalized pollination systems
nocturnal pollinators
reproductive assurance
local mating environment
REP2008July 29th 2:15 pmDoes pollinator preference and flower traits affect reproduction in co-flowering species?Reproductive ProcessesPaperPerez-Barrales, Rocio; Sa, Tulio; Matias, Rapahel; Rodrigues, Ebenezer; Consolaro , Hélder; Cardoso de Castro, Cibele.pollination
reproductive biology
Flower morphology
flowering phenology

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