Tips for Poster Presentations

  • Prepare your poster as if this were an on-site conference.  
  • Make a thumbnail – jpeg –200px x200px (size limit 10MB) that is your photo or something that represents your poster. This will be something attendees see while scrolling through all the posters. 
  • OPTIONAL:  If you wish to have a 3-minute video describing your poster - prepare that as well.  (size limit 10MB)
  • Poster dimensions are the same as always – 4’x4’ - pdf 150 dpi (size limit 10MB)
  • Poster Session times will be announced shortly.  During the poster session, you will have the opportunity to answer questions from viewers via a zoom meeting that is started within the event platform, or you can communicate by email after the poster session.
  • The deadline to upload your presentation is  July 12th. You will receive an email when you can upload your poster.

The optional video should capture you explaining your poster in 3 minutes or less. The video is designed for attendees to watch you present as if you were at an in-person poster session. When filming, adjust the camera view so that both you and the poster are captured in the shot at all times. Please be sure that the video is not zooming just on your face, zooming on portions of the poster, or alternating between you and the poster. The video can be recorded using a camera or smartphone.
You can record your presentation in front of a physical, printed poster or in front of a digital image of your poster. You are NOT required to print your poster.

Poster Tips