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Phylogeny and biogeography of Ericaceae
Organized by: Benjamin Potter, University of Auckland

Ferns at the extreme: the case of moonworts, grape-ferns and adder’s tongues of the family Ophioglossaceae
Organized by: Prof. Jason Grant, Laboratoire de génétique évolutive, Institut de biologie, Université de Neuchâtel

Extreme conservation measures for plants at the extremes in the Hawaiian archipelago model system
Organized by:  Nina Rønsted, National Tropical Botanical Garden, Hawai‘i, and Seana Walsh, National Tropical Botanical Garden, Hawai‘i

PhyloCode 2020: Naming the Tree of Life
Organized by: Nico Cellinese, University of Florida and Michael Donoghue, Yale University

Cyperaceae in the era of big data: new evolutionary insights from solid frameworks
Organized by:  Pedro Jiménez-Mejías, Departamento de Biología (Botánica), Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Isabel Larridon, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; Systematic and Evolutionary Botany Lab, Department of Biology, Ghent University

Exploring the utility and limits of target enrichment methods to study polyploidy and reticulate evolution
Organized by: Diego F. Morales-Briones, University of Minnesota,

Plant life in Neotropical rocky outcrops
Organized by:  Johanna Jantzen University of Florida, and Maria Beatriz de Souza Cortez University of Florida

The Science of Meaningful Undergraduate Research Experiences
Organized by:  Ed McAssey, Quinnipiac University, and Karolina Heyduk, Yale University

Inclusive Herbarium-Based Research
Organized by: Frederica Bowcutt, The Evergreen State College and Megan Mucioki, University of California, Berkeley,

Characteristics of nectar, nectaries, and nectar spurs
Organized by:  Lena Hileman, University of Kansas, Rahul Roy, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and  Irene Liao, Duke University

Biogeographic patterns and adaptive radiations in the Pacific
Organized by: Benjamin Potter - University of Auckland, Marc Appelhans - Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and Warren Wagner - Smithsonian Institution

Advances in collections-based systematics and biogeography – A tribute to Dr. Vicki Funk
Organized by: Jun Wen, Smithsonian Institution, and Warren L. Wagner, Smithsonian Institution

Biodiversity synthesis: Linking large phylogenies with species traits and ecologies.
Organized by:  Ryan Folk, Mississippi State University, Carolina Siniscalchi, University of Memphis, and Robert Guralnick, University of Florida

Botany taking flight: using drones in plant research
Organized by:  Manuel Luján, California Academy of Sciences, and Matt Guilliams, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Phylogenomics and evolution of Superrosids
Organized by:  Hong Ma, The Pennsylvania State University, Doug Soltis: University of Florida and Pam Soltis, University of Florida

Mechanisms of rapid adaptation through the expression of “heterogenomicity” 
Organized by:  Margaret Frank, Cornell University and Michael McKain, The University of Alabama

Origin and Evolution of Reproductive Organs in Land Plants
Organized by: Xin Zhang, Northwest A&F University

Enriching basic and applied botany through multi-stakeholder collaborations
Organized by: Caroline Puente-Lelievre,  Laura Klein, LeafWorks Inc.,  Sara Handy, US Food and Drug Administration, Michael Kantar, University of Hawaii, and Marybel Soto Gomez, University of British Columbia






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