Plan to attend these chosen Symposia and Colloquia - schedule to be determined at a later date

Floristics in North America: Current needs, priorities, and opportunities
Organized by:  Neil Snow 

The evolution of functional traits in plants: is the giant still sleeping?
Organized by:  Chase Mason, Juliana Medieros and Christina (Chris) Caruso

Dynamics and Demography of Alpine Islands
Organized by:  Seema Sheth, Dena Grossenbacher, and Meagan Oldfather

Reticulate evolution and biogeography in ferns and lycophytes - a colloquium honoring Dr. David Barrington
Organized by:  Weston Testo, Nikisha R Patel, and Michael A Sundue

Species delimitation in polyploid complexes
Organized by:  Christoph Oberpriele  and Bengt Oxelman

Time to dig: the importance of underground storage organs in plant evolution
Organized by:  Cody Howard

Sexual selection in flowering plants: traits, processes, and estimation
Organized by:  Shumei Chang

Celebrating 15 years of SERNEC: Where we've been, where we are, & where we are going
Organized by:  Zack Murrell and Michael Denslow

Ecological factors that drive patterns of population genetic structure in plants
Organized by:  Diana Gamba and Nathan Muchhala 

Donald J. Pinkava’s legacy – the ASU Herbarium in the Sonoran Desert
Organized by:  Kathleen Pigg and Steffi Ickert-Bond

Questioning Species and Species Complexes: A Colloquium in Honor of Dr. R. James Hickey
Organized by:  Melanie Link-Perez and Michael Barker

Pacific Biogeography
Organized by:  Benjamin Potter and Warren Wagner

Ericaceae: Systematics, Ecology, and Evolution
Organized by:  Benjamin Potter