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A synthesis of new paleontological and phylogenomic perspectives on gymnosperm evolution

Nagalingum, Nathalie [1], Burleigh, Gordon [2].

A synthesis of new paleontological and phylogenomic perspectives on gymnosperm evolution.

Gymnosperms, comprising cycads, Ginkgo, Gnetales, and conifers, are one of the major groups of seed plants; they include both the oldest extant lineages of seed plants as well as lineages that have resulted from recent rapid radiations. Yet in spite of numerous studies, the phylogeny and evolutionary history of gymnosperms remain uncertain. Recently transcriptomic, RADseq, and targeted sequence capture data have provided new insights into long debated questions about the phylogeny of the extant gymnosperms. Also, new paleontological findings have advanced new perspectives on the age and ancient biogeography of gymnosperm lineages, and large-scale efforts to characterize phenotypic diversity across the gymnosperms offer opportunities to reveal patterns of character evolution across the gymnosperm tree of life.  This colloquium brings together botanists with expertise across the gymnosperm tree of life who have leveraged new insights from fossils, next generation sequence data, and large-scale morphological datasets to elucidate the geneology of gymnosperms.  We are especially interested in promoting the synthesis of new paleontological and molecular perspectives on gymnosperm evolution. Relevance: We are submitting a proposal to the Botany meeting because this colloquium will serve as the launch of the Gymnosperm Phylogeny Group (GPG)—a community effort to generate a classification of gymnosperms, as well as highlight the areas of uncertainty in the classification. At the colloquium, we begin the first discussion of the GPG, and will invite audience members and later the broader botanical community to participate in this group.

1 - California Academy of Sciences, 55 Music Concourse Dr, San Francisco, CA, 94118, USA
2 - University of Florida, Department of Biology, Gainesville, FL, 32611, USA


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