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Friday, July 17

Sedges from Sea Level to Alpine

Cost:  $100.00

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Trip Leaders:  Leo P. Bruederle and Tony Reznicek

 Eklutna Lake Valley was carved out by glaciers and is fed by glacial streams giving it a beautiful turquoise color.  The lake is surrounded by mixed forests of poplar, cottonwoods, spruce and willows set against the jagged and rolling peaks of the Chugach Mountains.  A rich and scenic site,  we can expect to see many sedges (and other interesting plants) typical of fens, lakeshores, and other wetland habitats.  Besides many species of Carex (including one former Kobresia), we will see the very rare (in North America) Trichoporum pumilum, along with other Trichophorum, Eleocharis, and Eriophorum species.

Note: Walk can be easy or as difficult as you want.

 Reflection Lake at Palmer Hay Flats sits on a delta of the Knick and Matanuska River. The Hay Flats is dominated by marshes and wetlands full of grasses and sedges but flanked with sparse open spruce forest and cottonwoods. A tower sits at the end of the Reflection Lake for a full view of the surrounding landscape of floodplain, towering mountains, and ocean. The one-mile trail around the lake is flat with numerous benches and viewing platforms.

 *Sturdy footwear and/or knee-high waterproof boots are suggested. Non-glorified bathroom available at both locations.

Includes continental breakfast and box lunch and waterbottle

Maximum Participants: 18






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