The Logo

Curious about the Conference Logo?

A lot of thought goes into the Botany Conference logo each year. The logo for Botany 2024 – Resilience in a Changing World was informed by our desire to select plants that are native to Michigan and exemplify resilience in various ways.

Arnica cordifolia Hook. -  Heartleaf Arnica:

The showcased plant is Arnica cordifolia Hook., the heartleaf arnica. A member of the Asteraceae, this perennial species is endangered in Michigan but thrives across western and northern North America. Known for its adaptability to both shade and sun, moderate fire resistance, and a potential need for disturbance in order to be successful, the heartleaf arnica has a long history of medicinal use.

Zizia aptera (A.Gray) Fernald - Prairie Golden Alexanders:

The plant with yellow-flowers in flat-topped umbels is Zizia aptera (A.Gray) Fernald, also known as Prairie golden alexanders, Heartleaf golden alexanders, or Meadow zizia. While this species in the Apiaceae is threatened at the state level, it maintains globally security as a short-lived perennial, relying on re-seeding for its persistence. 

Cypripedium parviflorum Salisb. - Yellow Lady’s Slipper:

The yellow lady’s slipper, Cypripedium parviflorum Salisb., is a familiar orchid that is widespread across North America with several varieties commonly recognized. The yellow lady’s slipper is globally secure with a conservation status of least-concern.

Woodwardia areolata (L.) T. Moore - Netted Chain Fern:

In the background of the logo is the beautiful Woodwardia areolata (L.) T. Moore (= Lorinseria areolata (L.) C.Presl), the netted chain fern. Native to the southeastern United States, this globally secure member of the Blechnaceae ranges northward along the eastern coast and has a historical presence in Michigan, last seen in Van Buren county (southwest of Grand Rapids) in 1880. Although it hasn’t been seen in Michigan for over a century, it is presumed to be present, so keep a keen eye while enjoying any conference field trips—and document any sightings with photos—as the rediscovery of this species during our conference botanizing would be a remarkable event. 

The conference logo was designed by Melanie Link-Perez and Johanne Stogran